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WW1 Facts

World War Facts

Here are some fantastic websites with lots of information about what life was like at home and in the trenches during the First World War

World War One Poetry

Siegfried Sassoon information on Wikipedia - This website offers a full biography of Siegfried Sassoon whose poems reflect the horrors that soldiers faced in the trenches on the Western Front -
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Siegfried Sassoon Poetry- A collection of First World War poems written by one of the most important poets of his generation.
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Battles of The First World War

List of the major battles of The First World War on the www.firstworldwar.com website -
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Food in the Trenches

Trench Food - A wonderful informative article by Military History Monthly -
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How to eat like a World War One Tommy - The Telegraph newspaper article on how the soldiers ate in the trenches of The First World War - Click here to view

40 Amazing World War One Facts by The Daily Express

40 very interesting and unusual facts as put together by The Daily Exspress Newspaper-
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